We had privacy slats in the existing fence and these slats matched perfectly! Couldn’t be happier. The quantity of slats they provided was as advertised and provided the 10 feet of fencing to be covered. These slats are sturdy yet apply easily, it went very quickly with two of us installing them. Very pleased with this purchase!

Amazon.ca: chain link fence privacy slats Ridged Slats Slat Depot Single Wall Bottom Locking Privacy Slat for 3', 4', 5', 6', 7' and 8' Chain Link Fence (4ft, Black) National Metal Top-Lock-slats for privacy fence The Top-Lock-Slat provides and economical and attractive way to enhance any chain link fence. Top Lock Slats are marketed under the PDS® brand name. Welcome to Privacy Slats Best privacy & tricky to install. EZ/Ridged Slats 85% coverage: Ultimate Slat 95% coverage #3 choice 4.5 Star Rating #4 choice 3.5 Star Rating: Harder to install & self-locking. Not as much privacy & easy to install. Winged Slats 90% coverage: Bottom lock 75% coverage #5 choice 4.5 Star Rating #6 choice 3.5 Star Rating: Easy to install & self

Each slat measures approximately 1-3/32″ inches wide with the length being approximately 3 ½” shorter than the overall height of the fence (e.g. 6’ slats are 68.5”). These vertical privacy inserts add approximately 75 percent privacy to regular 2” diamond, 11-gauge chain link fabric. They also work with 9-gauge chain link fabric.

Rite-Way Fencing - 6 Thing you should know about privacy slats They Aren't All Created Equal. Just like every other kind of fence, fence privacy slats aren't all … Maximum Privacy Green SoliTube Slats™ for 6ft Chain Link

If you're looking to make your yard the perfect combination of privacy and nature, then 6' Chain Link Fence Dura Hedge Slats are the perfect choice. Dura Hedge Slats feature a core made with two 16 gauge galvanized wires twisted together and synthetic, permanent natural evergreen-colored needles that create a natural look without the trimming

Home Page Master Halco Vertical Slats - Privacy Fencing - 5' - Black Rated 2 out of 5 by Paperclip08 from Not a lot of privacy I purchased the 5 foot slats as the 6 foot slats were special order only. It says on the Package they provide 90% privacy. While installation was quite easy, I was very disappointed with the amount of privacy these slats provided.