Any TV that can be connected to the internet is a smart TV. A user can stream media services and run apps, browse the internet, access internet music channels, shop online, and access on-demand video services. Some smart TVs include voice-recognition virtual assistant services, like Amazon’s Alexa, to help switch channels, modulate volume

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Nov 27, 2019 Smart Tvs | Get Safe Online Smart TVs (also known as Connected TVs) integrate television with the internet. When connected to the internet, they enable you to search and find videos, movies, photos and other content on the web by interacting via your remote control – or with some models via your smartphone or tablet.Therefore you can search the internet, access social media and use apps like Netflix, Skype and YouTube How secure is your smart TV? | CHOICE Now, you can use a smart TVs as your sole media streaming device, as most support dedicated entertainment programs such as Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Stan and Foxtel Now. But just because your TV can connect to the internet, doesn't mean it has to. In fact, you may find that removing it from the network is a safer option. On this page: List of All the Apps on Samsung Smart TV (2020) May 07, 2020