Jun 28, 2017

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If you are an Android user, Fake GPS Go app lets you spoof your location. This app will enable you to change your location device-wide. So Tinder will automatically detect the location to which your phone is set. Just download this app and set your phone location to any place you want.

How to Change Your Location on Tinder [Tinder Passport Guide] A few years ago, forums were flooded with tips and tricks to fake your Tinder location. Back then, the easiest way to switch up your GPS was with a bootleg Chrome extension, called Flamite. That was before Tinder rolled out its official web version. Flamite gave you lots of extra options, but the most important one let you spoof your address.

Is the guy lying, or is the Tinder location feature buggy

Feb 06, 2019 How To Change Your Location on Tinder - Tech Junkie Jun 16, 2020