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ENCOR Training » Policy Based Routing Normal policy based routing (PBR) is used to route packets that pass through the device. Packets that are generated by the router (itself) are not normally policy … Arista EOS Central - IP source based routing Mar 06, 2017 Disable MAC-Based Forwarding – Enable Policy Based Routing

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Implementing Path Control Using Policy-Based Routing. Chapter 4 describes route maps and how you can use them for route filtering. This section describes another use for route maps, with PBR. PBR enables the administrator to define a routing policy other than basic destination-based routing using the routing …

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The Junos equivalent of IOS Policy Based Routing is called Filter Based Forwarding; it allows to implement routing based on user defined policies, instead that based just on the destination ip address of the packets. To make a simple example of configuration, let's assume we want to base routing onl SRXs and policy based routing (aka FBF) - iNETZERO Feb 22, 2016 Implementing Path Control Using Policy-Based Routing